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Kotigobba 2 (DVD)


Kichcha Sudeep and Nithya Menens Mass Romantic Action Entertainer Movie out now on DVD – 5.1, Dolby Digital, NTSC All Region, English Subtitles.


Kotigobba 2 is about one person donning the dual shades of good and bad. Satya (Sudeep) is a mild-natured, small-time youngster running a real estate agency, led by thumb by authoritative Shubha (Nithya Menen). Satya leads another life as Shiva (Sudeep), a burglar who loots the huge unaccounted money stocked by filthy rich businessmen. His purpose is to realise his father’s dream of becoming a billionaire, riding a Mercedes Benz car and leading a posh life. He manages to convince the cops and those around him that those crimes are the handiwork of his look-alike ruffian twin Shiva. However, the two businessmen (Mukesh Towari and Sharath Lohitashwa) he robbed from, and ACP Kishore (P. Ravi Shankar), a corrupt cop who tries to use this as an opportunity to make money, are keen on nailing him. Meanwhile, Satya falls in love with Shubha who is an upright and brave girl. The police needs to nab the burglar. Satya himself launches a complaint that it is his brother Shiva who does all the crimes. Kishore does not believe the existence of two people and suspects the hero and villain to be one, but he does not have the evidence to prove his claim. At the end Satya proves that he is Kotigobba.

Kotigobba 2 (English: One in a crore – 2) 2016 Kannada action movie directed by K. S. Ravikumar. The film was produced by Rockline Venkatesh and M. Babu in both Kannada and Tamil languages simultaneously; the latter as Mudinja Ivana Pudi. Despite its title, the film is not a sequel to Kotigobba (2001).[3] The film features Kichcha Sudeep and Nithya Menen in the lead roles. Both versions of the film released on 12 August 2016 coinciding with the 2016 Varalakshmi Vrata.