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Pokkiri Raja (DVD)


Jiiva, Sibiraj, Hansika Motwani teams romantic comedy Hit movie out on DVD 5.1. DTS NTSC All Region.


Pokkiri Raja (English: The Rogue King) is a 2016 Tamil fantasy comedy film written and directed by Ramprakash Rayappa, starring Jiiva, Sibiraj and Hansika Motwani in the leading roles. Sanjeevi (Jiiva) is the person with a problem of yawning. He eventually got fired from his old job and dumped by his old girlfriend Sujitha. He joins a job where he meets Raqhav (Manobala). Meanwhile,Sanjeevi meets Sunita (Hanshika Motwani) but learns a false case from his friend Mojo (Yogi Babu) that Sunita is a drug addict. Eventually, Sanjeevi learns that she is a clean girl who washes people who urinate near walls and both start loving. on the other hand Guna aka cooling glass Guna (Sibiraj) a don was planning to kill someone but gets washed by Sanjeevi and got arrested. When Guna was released, he tried to kill Sanjeevi but got blind after his sunglass breaks in Sanjeevi’s yawn. Sanjeevi went to a doctor and realised it was the power of his great grandfather, Athiyan Ori, a guard of an Indian palace with a power to manipulate wind with mouth. The British tried to steal treasures but eventually ran from him. He meets a girl in India who came to confess to come with her but gets stabbed. Will Sanjeevi use his powers to destroy Guna once and for all to form the next crux of the story.